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National Association Of Unclaimed Property Administrators

    national association

  • The term national bank has several meanings: * especially in developing countries, a bank owned by the state * an ordinary private bank which operates nationally (as opposed to regionally or locally or even internationally) * in the United States, an ordinary private bank operating within a
  • Three of twelve groups which make up BOF are the National Associations for Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland. Constitutionally, they have similar status to the English Regional Associations, although the Scottish Association is more independent and powerful than the others.
  • a country’s governing body authorized by FIFA to represent and administer soccer.

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  • Lost, mislaid, and abandoned property is a category of the common law of property which deals with personal property which has left the possession of its rightful owner without having directly entered the possession of another person.
  • Tangible or intangible property that is considered lost or abandoned by the rightful owner after that owner cannot be located for a specific period of time.
  • Any property left with ‘Blackbrook Computer Services’ unclaimed for 90 days, will without exception, be disposed of. At which time ‘Blackbrook Computer Services’ shall have no liability to the client, or any third party.


  • A person responsible for running a business, organization, etc
  • A person who performs official duties in some sphere, esp. dealing out punishment or giving a religious sacrament
  • (administrator) someone who administers a business
  • (administrator) someone who manages a government agency or department
  • (administrator) the party appointed by a probate court to distribute the estate of someone who dies without a will or without naming an executor
  • A person legally appointed to manage and dispose of the estate of an intestate, deceased person, debtor, or other individual, or of an insolvent company

national association of unclaimed property administrators

national association of unclaimed property administrators – Unclaimed Property:

Unclaimed Property: A Reporting Process and Audit Survival Guide
Unclaimed Property: A Reporting Process and Audit Survival Guide
Unclaimed Property: A Reporting Process and Audit Survival Guide breaks the unclaimed property process down into manageable steps that you can either handle on your own or with the help of a professional in the field. Author Tracey Reid presents a thorough introduction to every aspect of unclaimed property laws, clarifying what unclaimed property is, how the escheat laws apply to your particular circumstance, and how you can bring your enterprise into compliance with the least amount of manpower and cash outlay possible.

Suffolk Peanut Festival

Suffolk Peanut Festival
Vicki Bridgeman, director of Unclaimed Property, assists Jake Cisco of Zuni search for money that may be due to him at the Virginia Treasurer’s booth at the Peanut Fest in Suffolk on Friday, Oct. 7, 2011. (Stephen M. Katz | The Virginian-Pilot)

Fraud Forum at Brandermill Woods

Fraud Forum at Brandermill Woods
Brooke presents unclaimed property to the attendants of the Senior Fraud Forum at Brandermill Woods.

national association of unclaimed property administrators

There is no reason for you to pay a high-profile search agency to perform a search for you! Most agencies require a fee of 35% to 70% to find YOUR missing money. The value you seek is here! With the guidance from this book, you can do it yourself in less than an hour’s time. The total cost of this book is less than a single gallon of gasoline, so the expense to you is significantly less than one hours pay (USA)! That is every penny that you will ever have to disburse in order to have all the information you need at your fingertips!

Even if you have checked for lost and missing money at one time in your life, it is suggested that everyone that has ever resided in the United States and/or Canada should perform a thorough search for missing money on a quarter year basis. Since new information is being added to the various websites as it becomes available (sometimes hourly), the fact that you did not find any missing money on a previous search has absolutely nothing to do with a search today!
Now let’s get started on what is in this information city and readily available for you to use.

Multiple websites are identified where money may be held for you or your loved ones.
All websites are shown with an “instant click site” referenced.
Each State where unclaimed property may be held is revealed right down to the Internet site.
Multiple US Government websites are clarified for you, including the Veteran Administration and the Internal Revenue Service.
Some Canadian websites are also made known.
Private search websites are revealed to help save you time and effort.
Private bank, credit union, and insurance company websites are made available to you.
A plan of attack is suggested to make sure almost nothing is missed.

It is all right here for you! The choice is yours! Buy this eBook for a mere pittance, or spend a couple of weeks “hoping” you have located all the possible places that your money is being held.

Are you confident that you really know all the places to look?
Do you know exactly how to inquire about these funds?
What if you think some funds may be yours?
Should you file for the money if there is any doubt in your mind that the funds are truly yours?
What if your loved one is deceased?
What if the location of the funds is not a place where you once lived?
Which notices of funds should you ignore?

Buy this eBook if you want to save a lot of time AND make sure you do not miss some websites. With the information provided herein, you will have what you need to help you succeed in your endeavor to find lost or unclaimed funds that may be in hiding. A quick and simple check of the Government and Private websites provided will immediately let you know whether any funds are out there that may be yours.

Perhaps you are thinking that you could sure use that utility deposit you left behind the last time you moved. On the other hand, maybe you found an old safe-deposit box key in the bottom of a drawer that belonged to a long-dead relative, but you do not have the required information on where the box might be or just what is within it. Consider the defunct company that you used to work for; did they have a retirement plan? What about your accumulated vacation that was unpaid? Was there a 401k? A profit sharing plan?
Read this book and know the answers!

Other books by Roy E. Hoover include:
Sisters of Covet: Chasing What-might-have-been, available as a hardcopy edition,
Lavenders of Eternal Bliss: An American Family Saga,
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